• Client:
  • Myer Store
  • Location:
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Partners:
  • Amanda Henderson; Gloss; Rizer; Staging
  • Status:
  • Realised 2011
  • Size:
  • 18m long and 5m high


Shells and sand were the inspiration for this fashion show set. Using the geometry of a triton shell, it was digitised, sliced into buildable components and CNC cut, with 2000 pieces put together.

Summer in Australia celebrates the culture of the beach and it was fitting to set summer’s fashion within a symbol of the season. That is, the shell, that great expression of aesthetics and beauty. And so fitting for fashion, the modern day frontier for aesthetic expression, to be showcased in the fluid architecture of shells.

Designed in three-dimensional modelling software, the shell form was made up of a latticework of sectional cuts arranged as a structural framework. Then, using computer controlled (CNC) milling the form was fabricated and constructed using recyclable timber materials. This allowed for exacting control over the final form of the catwalk and pavilion while reducing waste and construction time.

The catwalk plan was consciously a more organic form than the traditional linear expression, allowing for greater choreography over the set piece, through and around the shell pieces, showcasing the diversity and craftsmanship of each individual item.

The lattice framework created a dynamic and intriguing view through which the guests and media saw the tantalising reveal of the catwalk models and clothing. The lattice of the triton shell also worked to provide countless opportunities for back lighting and shadowing, increasing the dramatic potential for the show.

LAVA’s design transformed the traditional catwalk into a visionary design concept utilising the latest technology for the efficient and environmental manufacturing of a complex three-dimensional form.

The project won a 2011 Australian Interior Design Award.

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catwalk the beginning During the catwalk Myer-Summer-2011-001 Myer-Summer-2011-161 Myer-Summer-2011-151 Myer-Summer-2011-167
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Design: Toko / Development: Damien Aistrope