• Client:
  • Greenland Group
  • Location :
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Partners:
  • PTW
  • Status:
  • Built 2013
  • Images:
  • Brett Boardman


The lobby of a 1960s building in Sydney was transformed into a contemporary space. 

The display centre for a new mixed-use tower merged natural materials and fluid harmonious space with high tech fabrication technologies. 

Cool-white freeform furniture and curvy walls and ceilings took the visitor through a journey of the new building.

The marketing suite featured organic shaped leather furniture, white terrazzo floors, backlit-glass islands, freeform reception desks and a pale timber ceiling. 

Continuous lighting ribbons created a luminous and airy environment.

The design demonstrated that people are looking for spaces that link them to nature, and the forms found in nature - waves, canyons, clouds - create beautiful, efficient and connective spaces.

The marketing suite design combines LAVA’s creativity and innovation with PTW’s longstanding track record in the delivery of world-class buildings.


Visionary geometries and forms are fused with traditional elements of Persian culture in the design for the new Tehran Stock Exchange.
The design is inspired by the local morphology – wind-carved sandstone gorges and cave-houses. The Stock Exchange is envisaged as an urban rock, with smartly carved ovoid shapes that enhance natural light, panoramic views, interior spaces and the relationship with the surroundings. The façade draws inspiration from the tessellation and light prisms of the local architecture, a media wall broadcasts real time news and an intelligent skin responds to changing climatic conditions.
LAVA’s vision for a futuristic typology mixes virtual and human interaction, embracing the transition between the market space and virtual reality.
Past and future meet inside the exchange hall with modern muqarnas, an interactive data dome and high-tech data screens. Media facades stream along a horizontal façade, bent to generate different grades of openness and create carve outs and connection to the interior void, maximising fresh air and sunlight. Environmental systems include an algae bioreactor, natural ventilation and solar panels.


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Design: Toko / Development: Damien Aistrope