• Client:
  • Qatar Foundation
  • Location:
  • Doha, Qatar
  • Partners:
  • Wenzel + Wenzel; ARUP; DESIGNSPORT
  • Status:
  • Study, 2008


The masterplan included a main stadium, aquatic centre, indoor arena, tennis centre, and multipurpose hall. 

The complex is a place for the personal and physical development of the local community, and a centre for hosting national and international standard competitions. The principles of health, wellness and sport are translated into sophisticated contemporary architecture.

The creation of a sports landscape gives a new dimension to an education city. A topography, a landscape and an amenity. An atmosphere of lightness, pleasure, fun, health and wellness. A fresh breeze, a tempered climate. Shaded areas light and lush. The entire development is a park, a promenade. People come, gathering during the day and night. Playing sports and games, eating and drinking, talking and chilling.

Design outcomes derive from their performative aspects: shading, light, climate, traffic circulation, way-finding, orientation, sport design, structure, buildability, frequency of usage, 24h program. The entire development is super-functional. Functionality isn’t expressed in the design. Form follows function and performance. There is a hierarchy/NON-hierarchy of different systems of order. These can be grids, networks and distributed systems. NON-linear systems can be referred to as fluid dynamics, fractals, magnetic fields etc. They should be based on performance criteria such as shading, light, climate, and traffic circulation.

Dunes, reefs and wetlands are not simply shapes but are evolutionary witnesses of the genius loci [of local conditions and climate]. There is an underlying geometry deriving from different systems of order. This is no superficial application of geometric patterns in a traditional Arabic sense. The geometry is not instantly recognisable. It is there. You can feel it but you can’t see it.

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Design: Toko / Development: Damien Aistrope