• Location:
  • Abu Dhabi UAE
  • Client:
  • Marasi
  • Status:
  • Design Development 2008
  • Size:
  • 80,000sqm 230m
  • Partners:
  • Wenzel+Wenzel


Developed as a prototypical design translating brand values into iconic architecture, Snowflake Tower comprised executive residential suites, luxury amenities, and a marina.

Inspired by the geometrical order of a snowflake and the aerodynamics of a Formula 1 racing car, the tower encapsulates speed, fluid dynamics, future technology and natural patterns of organisation. Rather than purely mimicking shapes in nature LAVA learnt from nature’s own geometrical orders creating highly efficient structures and intriguing spaces.

The design unfolded as a result of the project’s needs: optimal natural light and air distribution, maximum views, minimal structure, user comfort and an unrivalled water experience.

The organisational principle of a minimal surface allowed the optimisation the facade/floor area ratio and each apartment in the 59-storey luxury tower has unobstructed ocean views.

With intelligent systems and skins, the tower can react to the external influences such as air-pressure, temperature, humidity, solar radiation and pollution. New materials and technology create robust, lightweight structures capable of adapting to, and harmonising with, the natural surroundings.

The design principle was to be adapted for each location of future towers generating a mix of local and global values.


SnowflakeTower300dpiLAVA11- SnowflakeTower300dpiLAVA08-22-Copy SnowflakeTower300dpiLAVA07-3 SnowflakeTower300dpiLAVA04-3 SnowflakeTower300dpiLAVA02-3 SnowflakeTower300dpiLAVA03-3 SnowflakeTower300dpiLAVA13-3 mswct-parametric-design2
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Design: Toko / Development: Damien Aistrope