• Client:
  • Future Proofing Schools
  • Location:
  • Australia
  • Status:
  • Competition recommendation 2011


With the rapid pace of information across the globe new opportunities are emerging for making connections between local, regional and global contexts. The Classroom of the Future uses this current technology revolution to position a space for learning at the nexus between knowledge and social interaction.

Based on a cellular arrangement of prefabricated interlocking modules, the classroom of the future was a completely flexible system for learning that always maintains a connection between students and nature.

The design anticipates the future by allowing classes to be subdivided in flexible clusters, which can continuously change. The teacher, rather than being watched like a black box theatre performance, is in the centre of these clusters and moves around them.

The system acts as an adaptable system instead of a fixed hierarchy.

The Classroom of the Future also embodies cutting edge sustainability and intelligent design based on an interconnected concept of Mankind, Nature and Technology. In this sense the design concept facilities and encourages an interaction between students, teachers and the landscape.

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Design: Toko / Development: Damien Aistrope